Friday, 30 September 2011

what the life is all about

Starting from the registration day at UPM until today,there were a lot of things that I needed to cover up everything especially the lesson that I learned before.. Ouchh.. It was such a unpredictable situation. I did dreaming before to further my studies in this such university-a big university, but unfortunately I had to face all those things. Such a hectic life-rushing-here-and-there,boarding a bus at the crowded bus stop and finally went to up stairs attended the lecture and so on-everyday..(T_T)

        Mathematics engineering-OMG-I was not a good mathematics' solver but at least I do love physics more than mathematics.Ouhh..How could I chose this course as if as I already knew that engineering is such a tough course to learn. Since I already on the path of my way,so I needed to move on my life as well as my sisters did last time.They kept giving me the words-hold my hands so that I would be a strong person-more than they were before. My mom and dad-hahah-they kept worrying about me-especially how I would carry my life here-*since I am their last child*-heheh- Dont worry 'mak' and 'abah'.

       When I sat and thought about the life is all about, I kept worrying how my life would be next. Either I am going to be a successful person or what?? It is not only about the succcessful-really-but how far we were going to take Allah as the part of our success?? As a muslim, never think that we were the only one that makes the differences and everything to happen,but think who were the only one that always be at our sides either we were getting up and down.

         Since I was being surrounded by my friends-book-paper-pen-class-and-so on about studies, I kept thinking to go back to my past-being a child- Even though I already knew that it would never happen but it still wouldn't be a sin if I kept dreaming-empty dreaming-hahah. When I looked at the children, I became jealousy as they were really lucky to be a child. Their life was set up by their parents-from a -zero- nothing- and finally grew up as a human. All stuff were prepared perfectly by someone else.Ouchh-how lucky they are.

       Ahh-wake up and I had to look forward not backward. My life would never-ever-back to the past but walking forward. Always think positively and believe that 4 year going to be nothing if I loose my confidence to do the best I could but it will going to be really valuable if I really take the chance given to do my best-really. I will see the result after I walking through the hardness.InsyaAllah with God willing and your prays as well..