Friday, 24 February 2012


Rase macam kelakar pun ada la-bukan rasa jer dah sah-sah memang sangat kelakar la if kite tengok gelagat sume orang kat fesbuk nie-errrr-macam ape dah.Honestly I do sometimes make a silly statement during updating my status as well and action on facebook but not too much la.I do love to approve all people who added me to be their friends-hahah-this is actually one of my bad habit.One more thing, aku jugak jenis yang entertain je sume orang yang ada kat facebook aku,saje-saje.I just thought that it was really fun activity-really and I think you must try it at once also.haha

But the story of the day has not begun yet, here aku nak cerita some stories that happened on facebook-the laman sosial which is I think most of us ada account facebook.Maybe the people who added friends on facebook tak penah fikir yang actually orang-orang yang  kat dalam facebook ni WUJUD-dalam erti kata lain memang ada dalam realiti dunia just kite tak nampak je mereka.So what if one day kite-or-mereka tue akan betOl2 meet with the boys-girls-man-woman-uncle-auntie-and what so ever outside the screen ( facebook) - means dekat luar which is the reality one?  haaaa !! That would be really suprising right? But it do happening-believe in me guys.

So,here I just nak advice la. You all jangan ingat sume orang dekat facebook ni memang tak de keje lain and keje dye nak cari laki or bini or pakwe or makwe jer.Yang kowang p cakap bukan-bukan merepek merapu tak tentu pasal-ajak itu-ajak ini-cakap itu-cakap ini.Haih,haven't you all guys feel ashamed of yourselves acting like that-ouhhh-if I imagined that really I might laugh loudly *devil laugh* because I sangat rasa kesian for your side ( since you all takde rase malu).Then,kalo jumpe depan-depan, HAAAA!! Amek kau.Hang nak kata ape? This it what I had mentioned above just now, this is LIFE okay and it will be alwayssssss such accidently in our realty of life.

You all ingat perempuan2 kat facebook nie PEREMPUAN JALANAN ke hape yang you all nak buat suke2 hati without think it at the first side? Ehhhhhh,pliss la.. *sigh

Monday, 20 February 2012

this is what we call-LIFE

The first class and day of my second semester started not so good.. *sigh
Why there were such an accidently in our life?? I don’t understand what the life is all about..
I have to accept and face all the reality in  my life-either I love it or not..
It was really unexpected situation and I wish I could handle it out.