Thursday, 29 December 2011


LOLLIPOP!! wink wink ^.^

I love to eat this-addicted since form three.My fren - a girl teach me how to eat this and I still could remember what she said to me "xpayah nak malu ler makan ni, COMEL aper. Kau cayela ckp aku". Hahaha, she was so nice and I also loved to give this to my frens-but-only when I have the stock in my handbag.huehue

When entering the matriculation life plak, aku ajak member2 reramai join suka lollipop.hahaSampai kiteowng dah berani makan dalam dewan kuliah tuuuu-hahaha. Naseb lerr lecturer sporting at that tyme-xpe tutor kiteowng result paling gempak even bermasalah-everyday ada jer kene panggil ngan HEP *buat malu jer*. I missed that life so much-having an enjoyable life-so bebas nak buat ape saje..
----like a child----

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Bila Waktu Telah Berakhir

melayu ++

haihai semua.. :)

When I get so boring looking at my books,so I felt like I nak tulis and type kat sini. A place where I think I can express my feeling maybe-huehue-

Just a simple story mory today. Where I should start meh? Like this la. Ni pasal my family punyer susur galur=salasilah yang I sendiri pun tatau datang dari mane. But what I noticed before, since I was young (a child), people (mostly my friends) kept asking me " kau ni betol2 Melayu ker? Nape mata sepet? ". Sepet kah aku? Once, my sisters had told me that we were not pure punyer Malay-daripada mata pom boleh nampak. I didnt noticed it at all and I just ignored what they said about me as long as it wouldnt bother me. Still, when I was in university, my friends kept asking me again-and-again. Arghh!! actually I dont know what is the best answer I boley bagi kat downg instead of..
I gave this------ SMILE :)

But still, I sendiri pun tatau la beb asal dari mane. Really-theres must be something wrong somewhere ni. Macam mane nak korek ea? konpius-konpius

Saturday, 10 December 2011

yes!! I am a village GIRL!!

OH my!!!

Ape yang jadi problem sangat being a 'village girl?'

I dont know why the others are so fussy about 'village girl'. So what hah? Yes, I am a 'village girl', I never rasa ashamed of being born in 'kampung' area. As long as I tak ganggu hidup u ols, so doesnt be a big deal sangat la kan. So, what if you were born in UK, Japan, Aussie, Scotland-do I care about that?

Doesnt make sense at all la. Lagipun, Allah tak tanye la nanti kita lahir kat mane, membesar kat mane,sume tu tak bawak mati pom, so xpayah nak sibuk sangat la kan. As long as, I tak ganggu hidup u and u pulak tak rasa terganggu ngan I. So, no need to buzy body sangat okay-hewhew-

Friday, 9 December 2011

man ♥ woman

I want to share little-simple words-heheh..
I dont know why but honestly I never been proud to myself if there were guys "like" me n said "I want you to be my girlfriend" instead of I felt very-errrr-dont know what to say.

Seriously I dont want to get involved in this stuff-not yet-for now-but then-maybe when the time passes, I'll be fine with it. Still, I am so guilty to them-or-to the guys when I rejected them but what more I can do?? I cant lie to myself and of course I dont want one of them will getting down just because of me?? *surely cannot be happened-CANNOT!!

Honestly, I do sometimes thought about to have a boyfriend when looking everyone so annoyed and exited about couples, but when I think twice, I would always say NO!! -.-

And still, I am quiet confusing right now, what should I do next. Shall I reject-reject-and-reject?? Untill when?? sobsss.. One more thing, dont you guys judge me as a bad girl or woman maybe just because you were rejected by me but thought it more-more-and-more,put it deep inside your heart-then you will know why I am treating you that ways.

I dont know. I do not intend to hurt you guys-never mean to do so but I am looking for a boyfriend-husband and not a boyfriend just to play around with me okay!!! Sorry guys. hewhew