Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Back To The Basic

   The normal way of life is where there should be a hardest moment that we have to deal with.Even once for a whole lifetime-for a one second-for a one step of your walk-still,there would be.

   Sometimes we noticed that your life itself knocked you down without any sign of it.You did to deal with the hardship of life, sickness, disappointed, failure, losing the loves and more more.

We can't stop from thinking of it.
We felt down-down-and very down.

   We thought that why it must happened to us,not theirs. It can break your soul and your inner strength as well-your FAITH in ALLAH, our guidance.You thought that you're the one that really unlucky person in the world.

But somehow.
But do we ever really thought why any of this happen?

   Do we remember that, when we lose everything, there'll be one-the only one-only that will be always walk together with us.Follow every single steps of us.Everywhere. Every time. Anywhere. Anytime. 

That is ALLAH.
   Do believe that, Allah is preparing us for something that we may have to deal with in the future and now we are being "practiced and collect" the inner strength for the next challenge that we may to deal with.

   Back to the basic.

   To where you came from.Like how you came-and you were at your child before being a successful person.We did sometimes forgot of this important thing.We did sometimes forgot to read-touch and even look at it.The only thing can calm you down-brought you close to ALLAH.

Al-Quran AL-Karim.

   I did forgetting at it too sometimes.Somehow, I noticed that it was the big mistake I have done.We are a human being.A normal human being.I did sometimes felt down-stress-tension-depressed.Reach up to your Quran.Just by a single touch can make you feel so calm.

May Allah Bless us.Together get the Allah's Blessing. InsyaALLAH.. 

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