Monday, 6 May 2013

our heart is sensitive


Liking someone is easy.
But managing the feeling is like putting yourself into a dark world.

And it would be more difficult when you are not sure the other side's feeling.
How would be their response??
Does he likes me as well as I like him??
And.... it is suffering.

Seriously badly killing me inside.

Remember please.

We have our faith.
Our God- ALLAH

We have His guidance.
We have Quran.

We have Solat.

All those things, will remind me that I am not alone.
I will be accompanied.
I get the strength.

Love towards our Creators more than everything.
In shaa Allah. Innallahama'anaa.:)

1 comment:

  1. Whatever it is, I pray that He will help us all to keep our hearts safe, from the deceit of the world. And I pray that He will grant you what is best for you InsyaAllah :*