Wednesday, 13 July 2011

wonderful moment wif her

Her funny words-hahah-
Everyone yang dengar pun mesti akan tergelak,aduhla..

"tekchu nak ngok pambob"
*ceksu nak tengok spongebob..

"tekchu nak itan"
*ceksu nak main game ikan..

"tekchu nak ngok bettom"
*ceksu nak tengok Bakkom..

"tekchu nak air pambob"
*ceksu nak air yang ada dalam cawan spongebob..

"tekchu ohh tekchu"
*ceksu ohh ceksu..

-and-banyak lagi la yang tak dapat nak tulis.

-hahahahahah- *laughing out loud

*actually I dont know how to spell ejaan yang betul she used to say every day but more or less the sound almost the same-heheh.Above are some examples perkataan yang she used to say and also with the correct meaning.:))

      Every week-every day-every hour-every minute-every second,she used to call me like that.Ain Umairah.I called her "ain".She is my niece.My cute-my chubby-my montel-my funny-niece.She is a Spongebob addict-heheh-Memandangkan I tak punyer adik (youngest daughter) in my family,so Ain ni la antara anak sedara  I yang kelakar-hahah.Lagipun I duk lame kat umah mama dye,my sister just delivered a cute baby girl last two weeks,so I came here ganti my mom sebab my mom tak boleh datang-huhu-

       Actually nothing much to story about Ain.I felt so great spending my moment with her.Every day I would play-play-play-and-play with her.Coloring the Spongebob's Coloring Book. Watching the television shows.Playing the game.Macam-macam la.huhu.Saat yang paling best adalah dapat usik dye dan dengar dye menangis,menjerit.Arrrghhh!!! Seronok sangat.Lawak pun ada.Hmmm,I'm gonna return to Besut by the end of this month ,so dah tak ley nak main dengan dye-sobsss *emoticon~



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