Friday, 1 July 2011

jUne plUs jUly

wahh!! I am going to tell my mom!! haha~

starting from boarding a bus to Shah Alam and then headed to Presint 11, Putrajaya on 26th JUNE 2011 until now, I gained a plenty of experiences by staying in this house. Ouchh!! It was such a nice journey and i really used it to improve myself in doing the housekeeping especially on how to cook at home on my own.
Wahh!! Even though it was not really good but atleast  i tried my best instead of doing nothing in the kitchen.My mom really took serious about cooking and also sewing. Hah!! That is why i want to make her proud of me as well as my other sisters.Born as girl and gonna-be-a-woman is not that easy plus with becoming-a-housewife, ohhh!! really need the patience.It is so tired as well!! But still, it looks like i want-to-be-a-housewife lah..haha~
Well then,i learned on how to make curry,soup,sweet sour,vegetables' soup and some more. OMG!! That was really good right??Cooking is not difficult at all otherwise it was really fun and enjoyable.Starting from now on,i will keep learning-learn-learn-and-never-stop-learning because it was fun and there's a lot that i dont know, hahah.


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