Thursday, 29 December 2011


LOLLIPOP!! wink wink ^.^

I love to eat this-addicted since form three.My fren - a girl teach me how to eat this and I still could remember what she said to me "xpayah nak malu ler makan ni, COMEL aper. Kau cayela ckp aku". Hahaha, she was so nice and I also loved to give this to my frens-but-only when I have the stock in my handbag.huehue

When entering the matriculation life plak, aku ajak member2 reramai join suka lollipop.hahaSampai kiteowng dah berani makan dalam dewan kuliah tuuuu-hahaha. Naseb lerr lecturer sporting at that tyme-xpe tutor kiteowng result paling gempak even bermasalah-everyday ada jer kene panggil ngan HEP *buat malu jer*. I missed that life so much-having an enjoyable life-so bebas nak buat ape saje..
----like a child----

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