Saturday, 10 December 2011

yes!! I am a village GIRL!!

OH my!!!

Ape yang jadi problem sangat being a 'village girl?'

I dont know why the others are so fussy about 'village girl'. So what hah? Yes, I am a 'village girl', I never rasa ashamed of being born in 'kampung' area. As long as I tak ganggu hidup u ols, so doesnt be a big deal sangat la kan. So, what if you were born in UK, Japan, Aussie, Scotland-do I care about that?

Doesnt make sense at all la. Lagipun, Allah tak tanye la nanti kita lahir kat mane, membesar kat mane,sume tu tak bawak mati pom, so xpayah nak sibuk sangat la kan. As long as, I tak ganggu hidup u and u pulak tak rasa terganggu ngan I. So, no need to buzy body sangat okay-hewhew-

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