Friday, 9 December 2011

man ♥ woman

I want to share little-simple words-heheh..
I dont know why but honestly I never been proud to myself if there were guys "like" me n said "I want you to be my girlfriend" instead of I felt very-errrr-dont know what to say.

Seriously I dont want to get involved in this stuff-not yet-for now-but then-maybe when the time passes, I'll be fine with it. Still, I am so guilty to them-or-to the guys when I rejected them but what more I can do?? I cant lie to myself and of course I dont want one of them will getting down just because of me?? *surely cannot be happened-CANNOT!!

Honestly, I do sometimes thought about to have a boyfriend when looking everyone so annoyed and exited about couples, but when I think twice, I would always say NO!! -.-

And still, I am quiet confusing right now, what should I do next. Shall I reject-reject-and-reject?? Untill when?? sobsss.. One more thing, dont you guys judge me as a bad girl or woman maybe just because you were rejected by me but thought it more-more-and-more,put it deep inside your heart-then you will know why I am treating you that ways.

I dont know. I do not intend to hurt you guys-never mean to do so but I am looking for a boyfriend-husband and not a boyfriend just to play around with me okay!!! Sorry guys. hewhew