Tuesday, 27 December 2011

melayu ++

haihai semua.. :)

When I get so boring looking at my books,so I felt like I nak tulis and type kat sini. A place where I think I can express my feeling maybe-huehue-

Just a simple story mory today. Where I should start meh? Like this la. Ni pasal my family punyer susur galur=salasilah yang I sendiri pun tatau datang dari mane. But what I noticed before, since I was young (a child), people (mostly my friends) kept asking me " kau ni betol2 Melayu ker? Nape mata sepet? ". Sepet kah aku? Once, my sisters had told me that we were not pure punyer Malay-daripada mata pom boleh nampak. I didnt noticed it at all and I just ignored what they said about me as long as it wouldnt bother me. Still, when I was in university, my friends kept asking me again-and-again. Arghh!! actually I dont know what is the best answer I boley bagi kat downg instead of..
I gave this------ SMILE :)

But still, I sendiri pun tatau la beb asal dari mane. Really-theres must be something wrong somewhere ni. Macam mane nak korek ea? konpius-konpius

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